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Multi talented team that has extensively worked in business management and development, start-ups, sales, HR, training and development, accounting and tax, health and safety, operations management to name a few.

Our team approach is to help our clients to attain the desired results by building trust and support that goes the distance.

Even when third parties or external consultants are involved; our aim is that our clients are continuously engaged and involved where they can give feedback but also monitor all aspects of the project.

Our exclusive and collaborative approach not only helps to deliver the desired results in a timely manner but additionally the clients are able to sustain those results at their own.

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We have been helping people, businesses and our clients since 2006 and it all started in London, UK. 

Worked and consulted in different parts of the world namely United Kingdom, Malaysia, Qatar, Pakistan and South Korea for various multi-national and local brands.

Initiated and worked with many start-ups in those countries to get them started from scratch to a successful business. 

We want to accompany you on such a journey in turning your dreams and goals into reality by empowering you with the right set of tools, skills to achieve those milestones. 

We feel passionate, proud and honoured to help people and businesses grow. We do all that we can and support people and businesses to achieve their goals but by doing so we also motivate and inspire them to take charge of the things and life that will have a positive impact on their professional but also personal lives. 

We want you to join us on the path to success, fulfilment, inspiration and empowerment that will not only have a positive impact on your life but others related to you too in every capacity.  


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Empowering your business and people to take it to the next level.

To make a positive impact on your life and improve your standings in the business world.

We provide, honest, impartial, practical assessment and consultation which is beneficial to your business not only in short but long run.

The Motivational Mentor